26 juillet 2016 - 05:40

Over the weekend, Wikileaks began publishing emails from the DNC. The group didn't identify the source. But the campaign of presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton pointed the finger at Russia, saying the release of stolen emails was intended to help Republican nominee Donald Trump. Wasserman Schultz resigning as party leader The FBI has sent experts to meet with the Republican National Committee, as well as the major campaigns, to discuss their security measures, the officials say. No similar intrusions have so far been detected at the RNC or the campaigns of the two major party candidates, the officials say. Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook told CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union" Sundayabout that "changes to the Republican platform to make it more pro-Russian," which could provide some of the motive behind the hacks. "I don't think it's coincidental that these emails were released on the eve of our convention here, and I think that's disturbing," he said. Trump told The New York Times in an interview last week, that if he's elected the US wouldn't defend NATO allies against Russian aggression if they haven't "fulfilled their obligation to us." Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., denied that his father's campaign had anything to do with encouraging Russians to hack the DNC.


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